Phyllis Kravitz Sculptor​​

Gallery Shows

2017  40 Over 40, EBD4 Studio, Chamblee, GA

2017  I.D.E.A., Chamblee, GA

2016  I.D.E.A., Chamblee, GA

1989  Eve Mannes Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1985  Solo Show, Ariel Gallery, Atlanta, GA




Education and Certifications

2001 ATR-BC (Board Certification), American Art Therapy Assn.
1998 Credentials Board ATR (Art 1998 Therapy Registration),
         American Art Therapy Assn.
1995 Vermont College of Norwich University, Montpelier, VT MAT
1991 Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, Postgraduate Studies, Psychology
1987 Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, MFA, Dean’s List
1982 Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, BVA, Cum Laude
1965 Private Classes, Jack Ramsey, Director Atlanta College of Art
1960 Wheelock College, Boston, MA, Freshman Courses

Work History

2005-2011  Full time artist and sculptor
1998-2011  Private clients
1996           Board Certified Art Therapist, Founder and Head of Art Therapy Department Head, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital

1994-2005  Hillside Hospital, Atlanta, GA,
1993           Art Therapy Intern, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, GA
1996-2005  Supervision Group Gus Kaufman Ph. D.
1997-2004  Supervision Group Steve Howard M.D.

Specialized Courses

2010 Campbell School: Pigments From Nature
2010 Welcoming the Shadow: Making Space for Reclaiming the Creative-Shaun McNiff
2010 American college of Physicians; Literature and Medicine
2009 American college of Physicians: Literature and Medicine Retreat
2009 Campbell School: Wood Turning
2008 Campbell School: Chair Making
2008 American College of Physicians: Literature and Medicine Retreat
2007 Creating Mandalas
2007 Book Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling
2007 American College of Physicians: Literature and Medicine retreat
2006 The Art of Connecting
2006 Intimate Couples-Stephen Howard M.D.
2006 The Art of Connecting
2006 Intimate Couples-Stephen Howard M.D.
2005-2007  Melton School of Jewish Studies, Atlanta, Ga.
2005 American Art Therapy Assn. The Art of Science of Creativity in Healthcare
2005 Acute Stress Disorder
2005 Art Therapy with Anxiety Disorder
2005 Starting From Scratch: Building a New Practice
2005 Weaving the Tapestry of Body Psychotherapy Over Time
2005 From the Ancestral Bed: Sex and Intimacy
2005 From Generation to Generation: Conscious and Unconscious Legacies
2005 Bridging the Selves of the Psychotherapist-Bernard Kempler, Ph.D.
2005 Art therapy: Neuropsychological Aspects of Art and Creativity
2004 “Re-Configuring  families: Art Therapy In Action
2004 Holes in Roles and the Click of Closure: PBSP Work with Trauma and Holes in Family Systems- Taught by Albert Pesso
An Experiential/ Eclectic Approach to Understanding and Psychotherapy of Addiction
2004 Exploring Forbidden fruit: A Jungian Approach to Dream Work
2004 Dealing with Sexually Aggressive Behaviors
2004 At The Heart of Darkness: Evil in Psychotherapy
2004 The Effects of Childhood Traumas
2004 Better Living Through Chemistry: Everyday Pharmacology for Psychotherapists
2003 EMDR and Psychomotor
2003 The Moving Therapist: Contact and PBSP
2003 Art Therapy With The Angry Client
2003 Psychomotor and Healing Touch II
2002 The American Art Therapy Assn. Common Ground-Strength in Diversity, Hope in Unity
2002 Ethical Considerations for Mental Health Professionals
2002 Medication Management
2002 A Jewish Response to the Legacy of Abuse
2002 The Process of Treatment
2002 Disruptive Behavior
2002 Art Therapy: Using Art as Intervention with Children/Adults in Trauma
2001 Treatment of Trauma in A Troubled World: Youth Milieu
2001 Advanced training for Experienced Psychotherapists
2001 Art Therapy: Culture, Trauma, and Art
2001 Art, Nature, and Identity: Psychology
2001Project Explore: Test Interpretation
1998 Facilitator Training, Rainbows (Dealing With Loss Through Death and Divorce), Atlanta, GA 1996 PMAB Certification
1996 Art Therapy: Transitions
1995 Grief Therapy Training: Kesher Committee, Temple Sinai, Atlanta, GA
1986 Drug and Alcohol Training, Ridgeview Institute, Atlanta, GA
Professional Affiliations

American Art Therapy Association, Inc., 1993-2011
Georgia Art Therapy Association, Past Treasurer, 1993-2011
Georgia Chapter, Jungian Society, 1995
American Academy of Psychotherapy, Southeastern Region, 1993-2005
Southeast Psychomotor Society, Member and presenter, 2007
Mid-South Sculpture Association, 2015-2016

Community and Civic Involvement

2009-2014 Conversation Group: World Issues
2009-2014 Fine Arts co- Committee Temple Sinai
Board of Directors, “The Link”, Atlanta, GA 2004-2006
Board of Directors, “Body and Soul”, Atlanta, GA
Kesher Committee, Temple Sinai, Atlanta, GA
2007-2008 Fine Arts Committee Temple Sinai, Atlanta, Georgia
FundRaisers, Atlanta, GA
Co-Chair, Film Selection Committee, American Jewish Committee Atlanta Chapter Film Festival
National Council Jewish Women
2004-2011Member Women’s communication: Issues for Aging Women
1986- 2009 Book Club: Ovarians


2011 Self as Sacred Container to Say-So conversational Salon
2008 Safe Girls/Strong Girls: Camp Cadi for Abused Teens/weeks program
2007 American Academy of Psychotherapists: Opening Session
                                                                          Your Mask Awaits Transformation
2006 American Academy of Psychotherapy: Experiential Art Therapy
2008 Safe Girls/Strong Girls


2013 Art Retreat Fellow at Hambidge Visual Arts Center, Clayton, GA                                                   

Juried Shows

2017 “40 Over 40” Gallery Show                                                                  Atlanta, Ga.
2016 LaGrange Regional                                                                             LaGrange, GA

         Juror:Deanna Sirlin
2015 Moca Georgia:Ga. Artists Selecting Ga. Artists                                    Atlanta, GA


         John D. Lawrence, Callaway Professor of art and Design Dir. Lamar Dodd Art Center LaGrange College;

         Jija moon, Artist;

         Joseph Norman, Professor of Art Uni. Of Ga.;

         Brian Rust, teacher Augusta State University
2015 Valdosta National 2015,                                                                    Valdosta, GA

         Juror, Susan Welch, Executive Director Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA                               
2014 At League Of Hilton Head                                                                  Hilton Head, SC 
2014 LaGrange National XXVIII, Juried Competition;                                   LaGrange, GA.

         Annette Cone-Skelton, founder/President/CEO/Founding Director, Museum of Contemporary Art of GA
2013 Temple Sinai Art Association Show                                                    Atlanta, GA.
2013 Georgia Art Therapy Association at Mason Murer                              Atlanta, GA.
2013 100 at 100, Georgia State Alumni Show                                            Atlanta, GA

        Curator:  Jerry Cullum, Art Critic                          
2013  Spring Equinox: An Artistic Celebration, Holy Innocence School       Atlanta, GA.

2012 Artspace Juried Show                                                                        Raleigh, NC
         Curator :Gwyn Rukenbrod, Executive Director, Handmade in America
2012 American Craft Today Juried Show, Bascom Center For the Visual Arts, Highlands, NC
         Juror: Mark Leach, Executive Director, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winton-Salem, NC
2012 Paperworks 2012 Juried Competition                                               Huntington, NY
         Judge: Laura Phipps, Assistant Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art
2012  Sandy Springs “Art Blast “                                                                Atlanta, GA.
2009 Trinity Art                                                                                        Atlanta, GA.
1990  Fine Arts Museum of the South                                                       Mobile, AL
          Curator: Roy Slade, Director, Cranbrook
1990  “Size and Substance”, Spellman College Invitational                        Atlanta, GA
1990  Mattress Factory Group Show                                                         Atlanta, GA
1989  Eve Mannes Gallery Invitational                                                      Atlanta, GA
1989  Artworks ’89                                                                                  Atlanta, GA
1989  “Divine Line”                                                                                   Mesa, AZ
1988  LaGrange National XIII                                                                    LaGrange, GA
          Juror: Dr. David Curry, Curator, Denver Art Museum
1988  Artworks ’88                                                                                  Atlanta, GA
1988  Red Clay Survey                                                                             Huntsville, AL
1988  CNN Center, Private Showing, Invited                                             Atlanta, GA
1988  Georgia Council for the Arts                                                          Atlanta, GA
1988  Contemporary Arts Center                                                             New Orleans, LA       
1988  1988 Tampa Triennial                                                                   Tampa, FL
          Jurors: Michael Danoff, Director, Chicago Museum
          R. Andrew Maass, Director, Tampa Museum
1987  Dekalb Arts '87                                                                            DeKalb County, GA
1987  Ariel Gallery, Guest Artist, One-Woman Show                                Atlanta, GA
1986  Lovett School, 5-Woman Show                                                      Atlanta, GA
1986 Southern Homes                                                                           Atlanta, GA

1986  Piedmont Arts Festival, Mattress Factory                                      Atlanta, GA
1986 Dekalb Arts '86                                                                             DeKalb County, GA
1985 Southern Exposure 6, Converse College                                        Spartanburg, SC
1985 Mattress Factory Show                                                                  Atlanta, GA
1985  Piedmont Arts Festival 30" x 30"                                                  Atlanta, GA
1985 Callenwolde Arts Center, 3-Woman Show                                      Atlanta, GA
1984 4th Annual Augusta Art Association Competition                         Augusta, GA
         First Place, Best of Show
1984 WPBA Public Broadcasting Auction                                                Atlanta, GA
1984  Piedmont Arts Festival 24" x 24"                                                  Atlanta, GA
1984 Columbia Museum of Arts and Science                                         Columbia, SC
1984  Piedmont Arts Festival Sculpture Garden                                     Atlanta, GA
1983 Spar National                                                                               Shreveport, LA
          Juror: Ted Potter, S.E. Center for Contemporary Arts
1983 Student Show, Georgia State University                                        Atlanta, GA
1982 Student Show, Georgia State University                                        Atlanta, GA
1982 Last National Sculpture Show, University of Georgia                     Athens, GA
         Judge: Donald Kuspit, Stoney Brook
1979 Student Show, Georgia State University                                        Atlanta, GA



2018-              Anne Irwin Fine Art                                                      Atlanta, GA

2016-Present   I.D.E.A. Gallery                                                            Chamblee, GA

2006-2010      Main St. Gallery                                                           Clayton, Ga.

2005-2011      Sycamore Crossing                                                      Blue Ridge, GA


2005    Presentation of a Salon; “Portrait Collage” workshop”
2001    Presentation to Board of Directors, Hillside Inc.
1999    Presentation to Board of Directors, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.
1998    Presentation to Locked Unit Staff, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.
1997       Presentation to Board of Directors, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, GA
1997       In service to teachers at Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.
1995       In service for teachers at Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.
1992       Volunteer, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, GA
1988       Iron Pour Workshop, Birmingham, AL
1984-86  Ariel Gallery Cooperative
1984       Assisted in renovation of Georgia State University Sculpture Building
1984       Sculpture outside of GSU Sculpture Building
Member, Input Committee for Chairman, Art Department, GSU
1981-83  Volunteer, Fulton County Public Schools Art Program
1981-83  Taught privately, Drawing and Painting
1980       Student Representative, Search Committee for Dean, College of Arts & Science, GSU
1979       Executive Committee of Arts and Science, Student Representative
1960-74  Studied painting with Walt Martin, Jack Ramsey, Katherine Burke



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