Phyllis Kravitz Sculptor​​

The creation of vessels was born from the idea of my body as a storehouse.  My vessel holds memories, thoughts, joys, griefs, and emotions.  In my art I am looking for containment of these ideas in the internal and external world.  Art-making is my womb, a space that is safe and inviting.

"Tiny Dancer"

10' H x 6" W x 5" D

"Future Memories"

6.5' H x 16" D x 5' W

"Remember When"

15" H x 19" D x 65" L


27" H x 28" W x 38" D

"Blue Boy"

5' H x 21" w x 11" D

"Artist On Stool"

66" H x 67" W x 14" D

Abstracted forms explore boundaries of human emotions


10' H x 22" W x 14" D